Player Safety

Hockey presents numerous opportunities for injuries due to the very nature of the game and the use of a stick and hard ball. Players must ensure that the correct protective equipment is worn throughout training sessions and games. England Hockey strongly advises mouth-guards are worn for all training and matches. It is now compulsory for all players (aged 6 to 18) attending RHM Coaching hockey camps or training sessions to wear shin-pads and mouth-guards. Mouth-guards should be well fitting and the correct size for the child . A made to measure mouth-guard from either a dentist or a specialist company will provide the best protection. Parents/guardians must also ensure that their child is suitably protected with other protective equipment. Coaches are not qualified to assess the quality and effectiveness of mouth-guards or other protective equipment, and will therefore only be able to check that mouth-guards/other protective equipment is being worn, and not the standard of the mouth-guard/ other protective equipment nor whether they are the correct size. This remains the responsibility of the parent/guardian. If a child arrives at any RHM Coaching activity without a mouth-guard the child will not be allowed to partake. It is the responsibility of each parent and child to ensure that they arrive with, and wear, a mouth-guard. Due to the numbers attending sessions it can not be the responsibility of the coach to continually check gum shields and other protective equipment is being worn. It is therefore the responsibility of the parent/guardian and the child to ensure that they do not commence any hockey without wearing their mouth-guard.

Use of Images Policy

On occasions RHM Coaching may take photographs or video of children and others taking part in sessions or games. These may be used to provide coaching feedback or as promotion via printed or digital media (including Website and Facebook). If you do not wish your child’s photograph or video image to be used, click here for more info.